Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chris D: Over to Home You Crashed I Breakdown Again All Now

Aside from the network television I still watch (Numbers, CSI: New York, and football), I've pretty much stepped back from segments of American pop-culture. Specifically, American music. Ever since I was introduced to Korean pop music in 1998, I stopped listening to (new) American tunes. I still kept up with artists I liked, but over the years since then, I've grown increasingly "unaware" of the Top 40s artists.

I did watch a few seasons of American Idol and randomly watched it in its later manifestations. Chris Daughtry's face (and skull) I noticed once while channel surfing.

With the exception of a few youtube videos, though, I hadn't watched enough of him to remember his voice. And then last night on Criminal Minds, this song played near the end of the episode ("About Face") that melodically and somewhat vocally reminded me of Dishwalla, one of my favorite bands of the 90s. After some investigating, I discovered that the song is "Home" by (Chris) Daughtry. I looked up more youtube videos and decided to get it today.

Here's the song:

Arguably, the entire album is derivative but effectively radio-friendly, but it consists of exactly the kinds of melodies that I like in slowish rock tunes. There's a haunting and sad--but not otherworldly--quality. See below:

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